Mindgruve Ventures. A tech innnovation company accelerating oppurtunities within digital publishing, consumer healthcare and ecommerce.

Who We Are

a group of experienced tech entrepreneurs who are passionate about guiding and transforming early stage companies into mature, sustainable businesses.

Our Wheel House

we’re seeking quality people with great ideas who are obsessed with solving customer problems and building disruptive businesses that stand the test of time.

Chad Robley - Founder
Chad Robley
Founder, Managing Director
Clint Walden - Director, Strategy
Clint Walden
Managing Partner
Josh Lopez - Director, Technology
Ken Davenport
Managing Partner
Early Stage
great ideas that need funding
Disruptive Technologies
supply chain or delivery system innovations
High Growth Industries
iPad, smartphone, social, ecommerce
Large Addressable Markets
consumer product, healthcare, media

How We Do It

we leverage our experience, network, back office infrastructure, creative, design and technology teams to develop go-to-market strategies that accelerate customer acquisition, drive revenue and optimize gross margins.



One of the keys to consumer engagement is killer design. We help entrepreneurs build functional solutions that drive exceptional user experience with optimum utility.



Companies need strategies for scalable, cost-effective customer acquisition. we specialize in distribution platforms for mobile, social media and ecommerce leveraging Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, Android and others.



Great ideas without a solid plan for sustainable revenue growth die fast. We help companies find ways to monetize their content and products through sales strategies, channel partnerships and distribution.

How Much We Invest

Our investments range from $25,000 to $1,000,000 depending on market opportunity and initial traction. We often co-invest with other angels and venture groups.

How It Works

We’re looking for tech businesses with early traction run by great people. If we like the model, we invite the entrepreneur to sunny San Diego to pitch it. If we like the person and the idea — we say “yes”.

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How it works

Our Companies



Pitch Us Your Business

Is your start up ready for explosive growth? We want to hear from you.

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