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Mindgruve Ventures Early Stage Venture Fund

World Class Founders Leading
Fast Growth Startups

Who We Are

A group of experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate about advising and funding early stage companies within large addressable markets.

Chad Robley

Chad Robley

Founder & Managing Director

Chad has 20 years experience as a startup entrepreneur and mentor building and scaling early stage businesses into mature, sustainable companies. He is an angel investor and advisor to several fast growth companies as well as serves on several company and industry boards in the consumer and technology space. Chad is a regular writer and public speaker on the Convergence of Technology & Marketing and Customer Acquisition for Rapid Growth Companies.

Mike Hodges

Mike Hodges

Managing Partner

For nearly twenty years, Mike has lived at the intersection of media, marketing and technology as a CEO, chief strategist, industry thought leader and business innovator. A successful entrepreneur, Mike has built and sold several startups including an advertising technology company that was acquired by Google’s DoubleClick. Mike also serves on several company and industry boards and is an active public speaker on Business Innovation & Revenue Growth Strategies for Global Brands and Amazon Channel Strategies for Revenue Optimization.

Dan Hellbusch

Dan Hellbusch

Managing Partner

Dan has led several fast growth companies in a variety of sectors in media, technology and real estate. He has spent more than a decade as an entrepreneur and advisor to many fast growth companies. Dan also serves on several company and industry boards in the consumer and technology space.


What We Do

We help entrepreneurs accelerate their early stage startups into mature, sustainable businesses.

How We Do It

We leverage our experience, founder network, back office infrastructure, marketing and technology teams to accelerate business growth.

What We Invest In

Media, Technology, eCommerce
and Consumer Products

How Much We Invest

Our investments range from $50,000 to $500,000 depending on the team, market opportunity and initial traction. We often co-invest with other angels and venture groups.

Investment Review

Our investment review committee meets once a month. If you’d like to be considered, please fill out the below form. We will only follow up with companies who meet our investment criteria.

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